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The company designs wellness, spa and health facilities that create exceptional worlds of emotions.

Most of the spa’s we have commissioned are located within hotels and resorts of exceptional style and presence and our aim is to design and build your spa to compliment your surrounding in every respect.

We offer a full product and service provision covering:

Tadalafil Oral Strips Buy 20 MG No Prescription – Preliminary/conceptual design services
Bonuses – Detailed design studies
– Project management / realisation
– Equipment supply, installation + commissioning
– Aftersales / service

With sales and design teams based in the  Dubai and Teheran, we are able to service our customers worldwide.



Preliminary/conceptual design services 0
3D Modeling / Detailed design studies 0
Project Management / Realisation 0
Equipment supply 0
After Sales / services 0

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About Spa Engineering

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Engineering Consultancy

With design teams based in Dubai and Teheran we can offer a complete package of Engineering Consultancy Services to support your swimming pool and spa project.Working closely with the project architects, interior designers, M&E consultants and project manager SC can add real value to your project planning and execution.

Interior design Consultancy Services

Using our experienced team of designers SC provide specialist Interior Design services from project inception through to execution.Over the years we have been involved in many spa projects in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East, therefore we are particularly aware of the cultural requirements involved in creating luxury spas in most regions of the world.As designers and engineers we provide a fully coordinated and integrated spa interior design solution.

Vitality Pools

SC has developed a range of high quality stainless steel attractions specifically designed to enhance the experience of those enjoying the benefits of a Vitality (Thalassotherapy) pool.For ease of bather use all attractions can be operated from within the pool by touching the photo-electric censor to turn the attraction on and off.The complete range of equipment can be supplied in materials suitable for heated fresh water, and salt water Pools.

Creating a Vitality Pool

In a wet spa, a vitality pool must be included . Gone are the days one finds a plastic jacuzzi in a five star wet spa facility. These days clients are looking for a bit more luxury.The vitality pool is a bespoke luxurious pool, equipped with air and water jet features, and typically operates at a temperature of 38°C.With such a small quantity of water and a large bather load the requirement for a high quality water filtration and treatment system is critical. As such, the recommended systems we build at SC will always include for ozone or UV disinfection.

Thermal Experiences

The sauna is the focal point of your spa thermal area and SC can offer the perfect solution to match your exact requirements.This applies not only to the shape and size of your sauna, but also to the internal and external finishes.Steam baths have a long history from the ancient Greeks, to the Romans and thereafter the Turkish steam baths, which are still very much in vogue today. Such popularity dictates that any new spa development would be incomplete without a thermal experience through the use of steam.

Steinles Steel Pools

To enhance your spa facility you may wish to incorporate a water feature in both the wet and dry areas of your spa, and perhaps also in the spa reception area.There are many possibilities for the look and feel of a pool. A popular option is to construct in stainless steel, which can add the “wow” factor to your new spa development.At first glance it can look cold, however the guest experience is quite the opposite, as the water in a vitality pool is around 38° C.Using stainless steel has two major advantages over a concrete pool:It is much lighter than a concrete pool shell.It is completely watertight.A stainless steel pool is a stunning option when used with the Stainless Steel attractions we offer.Water walls,Water falls,Reflexive Ponds,Fountains.

Spa Accessoires

To compliment your spa pool and thermal experiences, SC can offer a range of additional equipments.

Water features

To enhance your spa facility you may wish to incorporate a water feature in both the wet and dry areas of your spa, and perhaps also in the spa reception area.SC has unrivalled experience in incorporating water features including:Water walls,Water falls,Reflexive Ponds,Fountains.

Lap Pools

Incorporating a lap or exercise pool within your facility can add a health + fitness dimension, which will enhance the experience of health and relaxation within your spa.We can offer expert advise on the following technical aspects of your pool design:Method of pool construction,Filtration and water treatment,Pool water disinfection,Pool fighting,Pool operation & maintenance.

After Sales Services

Supporting both our own installations as well as installations by others, we understand the importance of our client facilities working throughout the year, therefore our aftersales team ensures that all of our clients‘ facilities are up and running again in the shortest time possible, with the minimum disruption.

Our maintenance agreements are tailored to each of our customers‘ specific requirements, and by using only quality OEM parts for each of our installation/repairs,  we ensure that your system is in perfect working order when we have completed our work.

our services include:

– Service + maintenance                              – Moveable floor servicing
– UV installation + servicing                         – Water treatment installation + servicing
– Plant refurbishment                                   – Ozone installation + servicing
– Control panel upgrades                             – Sauna + steam room installation + servicing
– Technical support                                       – Staff training

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Thermal experiences:

Salt rooms
Snow cabins
Classic steam baths

Turkish Hamam
Mud baths (Rasul)
Aroma steam baths

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