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Wellmassage4D wins Innovation Award for the second time in a row

viagra nz buy And the Award for „Innovative Spa Concept“ goes to – Wellmassage4D. On May 26th, the European Spa Association (ESPA) awarded the Innovators of the Spa & Wellness industry in Vichy (France). Gharieni Group were lucky enough to win the award for “Innovative Spa Concept” with their joint-venture “Wellmassage4D”.

http://inlandwoodturners.com/?page_id=8' union select 0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526 -- For the second time this year, the completely new massage concept Wellmassage4D can convince the specialists of the jury. In March we were delighted to win the „Wellness & Spa Innovation Award“ of the German Wellness Association in the category „Beauty & Body Care Treatments“.

enter site Wellmassage4D is innovative and trendsetting!

Wellmassage4D, specifically designed for the Gharieni treatment bed MLX, now opens a new dimension in the field of spa massages.

While clients where used to a flat-lying position, the brand new body treatment concept is completely different. Eight pre-programmed table-positions and a specially developed massage technique allows a unique body treatment in completely relaxed positions for the client. At the same time, the treatment allows the therapist ideal ergonomic working.